It’s Memories Sunday tomorrow!

Remember to bring your own lunch for memories Sunday tomorrow, 23rd March!

What’s it about? It’s about sharing the memories of church life that are most important to you as individuals – and bringing out some photos if possible.

What has made church life important for you?

We will be celebrating these memories at our Church Anniversary in July but for now make sure yours are recorded…

Here are a few of our memories so far:


Memories Sunday 2 Summer fete fun.

Memories Sunday 3 Off on a day out.

Memories Sunday 4 Demolishing the old church.

Memories Sunday 5 Wearing hats to church!

Memories Sunday 6 More Summer Fete fun with water!

Memories Sunday 7 Dressing up for Darkes Fayre.

Memories Sunday 8 Dressing up the church for Darkes Fayre.

Memories Sunday 9 Lots of laughter!

Memories Sunday 10 Flower Festivals.

Memories Sunday 11 Dressing up for the Church Dinner.

Memories Sunday 12 Christmas Tree Festivals.


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