Tuesday Friendship Tea Party – 7th August

Exactly 10 minutes before the planned start we had the first drops of rain that we had seen for quite some time. This caused a flurry of bringing in cushions, whilst the “stalwarts” stayed put – either with or without umbrellas. Then the sun returned and some umbrellas were redeployed as sunshades. Others moved to get into the shade.
Janet O’Connor had been baking furiously and Albert Waite made and served tea to all. We were very well looked after!
Cutting the cakes was devolved to a select few. They had various explanations for the quantities of cake on their plates (taking out for others) to be received with some scepticism? In any event there was plenty for all and very tasty too!


Take Cover!


Sun’s coming out!


Frank amongst the roses?


Nicely shaded




Church Secretary has a lean and hungry look?

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