Visit by Barbora Horakova

What a pleasant surprise to see Barbora Horakova in church this week. She’s visiting Nick and the family for a week.

Barbora tells us things are going well for the family in the Czech Republic. Gabriela is a military chaplain, but her work is now in a hospital, which she much enjoys. Martin is still minister at his church in Brno. It is flourishing – particularly with young people. They now have a large group of children and young people worshiping regularly.

Barbora continues with her art studies and is thinking about University – though she’s not sure where (the UK perhaps?). Klara is also progressing with her studies. And as for Dan? – well he’s still just the “little brother” – and always will be? – albeit that at 14, he’s now at least as big as she is!

In 2012 Martin, whilst he was our Minister, presided at the Jubilee Tree Planting ceremony.


Today we photographed Barbora and Jess in front of the same tree. It’s not just little girls that get bigger every day?


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