Recital by Paul Martyn West (Tenor) – accompanied by Stepehen Jones – Friday 5th July at 12.15 pm.

The Concert Progamme is as follows:

‘A Baroque Aspects of Love’

Purcell                  Music for a while

Peri                       Nel pur ardor

Monteverdi         Si dolce tormento

Caccini, set by Peter Philips          Amarilli mia bella             (piano)

Bononcini            Per la Gloria

Attrib. Rosa         Star vicino

J S Bach                Gavottes 1 and 2 from English Suite no. 3 in G minor (piano)

J S Bach                Komm süsser Tod

                               Kommt Seelen, dieser Tag

                               Bist du bei mir

D Scarlatti            Fugue in G minor K 30, L499 ‘Cat’s Fugue’ (piano)

Handel                  Va godendo

                               Silent worship

                               Ombra mai fu

Purcell                  A new ground in E minor (“Here the Deities Approve” from Welcome to
                               All the Pleasures) (piano)

Purcell                  If music be the food of love

                              Sweeter than ros

As many of you will know, our car park is (finally!) being resurfaced and will be closed from 1st July to 12th July. There will be pedestrian access at front, side and rear of the church. We suggest you park in Mount Grace Road and use our rear entrance (path opposite the post box) to come into the church.

To fit in the usual Charity Lunch that follows the concert, we have brought the recital start time forward to 12.15.

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