What is this “God” and what does he want from me?

A new series of discussions will begin on Monday 14th September at 8pm led by our Minister.

This bible based series has been devised to investigate what God really is like and what he means to us today. It will look at various aspects of the bible teachings from Jesus and the Apostle Paul. For the 9 week programme please click on the link: Who God Might Be.

Who is God

Potters Bar Food Bank appeal

Once again, the Food Bank needs your donations. Our church is accepting these and will make sure they get to the volunteers at the Food Bank for distribution in the town.

Please see below for further details of what is needed at the moment:


Tuesday Friendship – “Matters of Life and Death”

On Tuesday 22nd September, Revd John Mackerness will speak about his chaplaincy work at Heathrow Airport. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend at 8pm in the Alan Bray Hall at the church. It promises to be a thought provoking and enlightening evening.


A piece of cake!

A piece of cake


Our friends from Act4 are organising a series of Sunday morning events on 8/15/22 March for children. These will include a wide range of activities, from making things to hearing things, from singing things to acting things and might even involve some eating!  

At the end of the series the children will explain to the congregation why our Minister wears different coloured stoles (scarves) at different times of the year. All are welcome to come along and please feel free to invite any of your friends who might be interested. 

Two wonderful evenings of music

We were greatly blessed to have two wonderful events recently. First Carolin Kaiser, who has been working with Act4, gave a recital on our organ and piano before returning to Germany to continue her University studies 

Then the Haywood Piano Quartet treated us to an exceptional programme of chamber music from Mozart, Saint-Saens and Walton with our own Margaret Astley assisting as page turner for David Trafford at the piano



New Communion chalice blessed

Today our Minister blessed our new Communion chalice and it was used for our Easter Communion services for the first time. It has been donated to the church by Anne, in gratitude for the support the church members have given her during her TLS training. Thank you Anne.


Finding a vision for a growing church: elders day April 26 2014

We have invited all those within our congregation who have ever served as elders or deacons to join us for a day of discernment. We ask for the prayers of all who will not be there.

The outline for our day can be found here: Potters Bar URC vision day