Every Sunday at 11 am we have a Family Church Service. On the first & third Sunday of the month Holy Communion is celebrated at this service. (Please note that occasionally services take place at Brookmans Park URC – check our Calendar page)

Matthew 18: 20  – Where two or three have met together in my name, I am there among them.

As we continue to journey once again without a minister, we must be reminded that we are still a church who accepts Jesus Christ as our Saviour and as such should share time together, as friends, to worship our Lord. What joy and inspiration we should receive on a Sunday morning, indeed at any time during the week as we praise God. A small group met on the 5th Sunday of last month to share time to sing and pray together. That day was not intended to be a formal service but more a time to think about OUR part to play in OUR church life. God has given us rules to follow as we try to be more like him: to live good lives, to love and care for each other and to do what we can to help others outside of our congregation who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Members and friends should put aside time to consider how they can help our church to flourish as our number dwindles. Sadly, we have said our farewell to Maurice Kench this week as he is now reunited with Gwen. As Christians we must all have faith that this is what awaits us as we leave this world and pass to the next. God loves us all always.

There is the business of the church which is decided upon at our Church Meetings. It should be the duty of each member to attend these meetings and offer help in whatever way is appropriate to move our church forward. It is up to us as a congregation to keep the church alive as we look forward to the time when a new spiritual leader will find their way to us. We pray that God will direct that person.

There are several ideas being planned to initiate new activity groups to support your interests. The groups will meet regularly during the daytime slots available to us. If you are interested in Knitting (with a Natter), playing cards ( Whist, Bridge or other ) or any other activity which would attract people to participate in our church life then please do talk to any Elder. How about Tea and cakes? How about Bingo? More time to sing and pray together? Let’s get the ideas rolling !! Learning and playing can be so much fun.
Watch out for the Phoenix Group, revival of Tuesday Friendship, which will meet on 12th November. Please see the back page of this magazine for more details. Thank you to those who have volunteered to share their experiences by giving a talk. We have some names of people willing to do this in 2020. Please talk to Audrey Ward, or myself if you would like to join us. New friends will always be welcomed, so do come and bring a new friend with you. If you require to be transported please let us know and we will do our best to collect you ……and also take you home again. Plans for the future may be decided on the 12th.

May God Bless you and your family as you read this letter and in the coming days.

Tony Corfe
(On behalf of the Eldership)

Geoffery Peterson’s Monthly Message

Yesterday, today, for ever Jesus is the same!

The great events of the Christian Calendar start in December with Advent, the time when we look forward to the birth of the baby Jesus and start to think out what that birth means for the world, for us. Next comes the New Year and the making of resolutions for the coming year. Epiphany follows when the Wise Men from the East visit the new Baby. Spring time takes us to the lead up to Calvary, to Easter time and to Resurrection Sunday. Early summer leads us into the events of Pentecost and the Assurance that this Jesus will be with us – if we so chose – for all time. After Pentecost the Lectionary takes us into about 24 weeks of what is called ‘After Pentecost’ much of it occupying the summer time.

Then Advent comes around and the whole cycle starts again.

This year the first Sunday of Advent is 1st December leaving November as a sort of wind-up month for our Newsletter. So what happens in November ? The month starts with Halloween (31st October) when the Mediaeval Church prepared for Advent by ‘calling off’ the ghoulies and forces of evil so that man might enjoy Christmas without temptations. This year it may well be Chaos Day for another reason. All Saints Day follows on 1st November, celebrated in the C of E and by the R.C’s although the free churches do not do so. Next comes Remembrance Sunday followed later by Thanksgiving Day, This latter is a big event in Canada and the USA, although not celebrated here – perhaps we should, however Remembrance Sunday seems to allow us to reflect on much the same sort of things. Our Christian Churches rightly remember the events of two World Wars and the loss and wounding of so many. These world wars led us to one of the outcomes; the idea that a united Europe would remove the need for wars to settle issues.
Now to Halloween 2019! This Newsletter will probably be in your hands on Sunday 3rd November i.e. between ‘Exit Day’ and ‘Remembrance Day’. I am preparing my script for it in the early part of October and at this point in time I cannot see where we are going as a Nation, but after Halloween we may well know – or shall we ?

My personal hope is that we shall have left the formal ties to Europe and become a sovereign nation again; your hope may well be the opposite, I respect your view and likewise you respect mine because we are each Christian brothers and sisters. More importantly we are ‘one in Christ’ whatever our personal solutions for a happy Europe.
The thing to remember at this present time is the constancy of the Love of God for us. He cares for us immensely and asks for our response to Him, the sacrifice on Calvary, and the offer of life in Him.

My header this month is a paraphrase of what the writer of the letter to the Hebrew church tells that church at a time when they are facing uncertainty and difficulty, in Chapter 13,vs 8 (et seq.).

For God has said ‘‘’I will never leave you; I will never abandon you’’

Lets us be bold, then, and say
‘’The Lord is my helper,
I will not be afraid,
What can anyone do to me?’’
‘’Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever’’.

At Sunday school I can remember singing :-

‘’Yesterday, today, for ever Jesus is the same,
All may change but Jesus never, Glory to his Name !’’

We were taught the song by a Canadian soldier who happened to visit our Sunday school, he was probably billeted in Winchmore Hill at the time as part of the build up for D-Day. I often wonder whether he came back, I do hope so, he was part of my life and my freedom now.

The song is actually part of a hymn, written by a Presbyterian Minister,
Oh!, how sweet the glorious message simple faith may claim:
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same;
Still He loves to save the sinful, heal the sick and lame,
Cheer the mourner, still the tempest—glory to His name!
Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same,
All may change, but Jesus never—glory to His name!
Glory to His name! Glory to His name!
All may change, but Jesus never—glory to His name!
As He walked once to Emmaus, with them to abide,
So through all life’s way He walketh ever near our side;
Soon again we shall behold Him—hasten, Lord, the day—
But ’twill still be this same Jesus as when He went away.


Albert B Simpson (1843-1919).

Then comes several more verses with the same refrain.

Do dwell upon these words this month, and be assured that we shall get through November whatever befalls, Glory to his Name !

Geoffrey Peterson

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  1. Mairianna 19/02/2019 at 11:26 pm Reply

    Really great to hear from you Nick. Wishing you all the best for 2019 and may your recovery continue.

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