Every Sunday at 11 am we have a Family Church Service.

At the moment our Services are a hybrid of Church and Zoom, with worship led either from the church or from home (via Zoom) at the discretion of the worship leader of the day. Our hymns are played and sung from home and those of us participating at home via Zoom can sing along. Those in church can see those at home on a TV screen and can follow the parts of the Service that are “Zoomed” on the TV screen as well.

We distribute an Order of Service and the Service Hymns via e-mail and include the Zoom log-in details which change for each service. If you would like to receive the weekly invitation e-mail, please let us know with an e-mail to pottersbarurc@googlemail.com

On the first & third Sunday of the month Holy Communion is celebrated at this service. Participants in church no longer need to bring their own bread.

An edited video of our weekly Service can be viewed on our Services Page.

May – On behalf of the Elders

Dear friends







Well, here’s hoping we can all feel a bit more relaxed whilst not letting down our guard. Remember hands, face and space although hugging is now permitted in some limited instances. Who are you longing to hug?  Sons and daughters, grandchildren, other relatives or perhaps even just a friend? This is what we have missed most. that personal human contact, the hug, the handshake a kiss even. I recently lost an 18- hole golf final and my first and natural instinct was to shake the winner’s hand and I did. That was my first handshake with a fellow human being in a year. I did sanitise my hand immediately after. It felt good to do that simple human gesture that has become so foreign to us. Those of us who still have a partner to share our lives with have been the fortunate ones in this pandemic. We have had someone to hold hands with, to hug and kiss and, I dare say, argue with!

The one person however who has been alongside all of us all the time has been Jesus the comforter. He has held us all in his arms through the trials and tribulations of this pandemic year. Perhaps you have not always felt it but nevertheless he has been there. This is what he said to the disciples would happen on that Pentecost Sunday when the spirit of God came down to earth like a white dove descending. So next time you see a dove, be it white or not, just imagine it is the Holy Spirit come to visit you in person.

Have a happy and sunshine filled Summer.

David Ramsay

on behalf of the Elders

For I am building a people of power ….

In my May News item I noted that we were in the period of fifty days – or so – between the amazing events of Easter and the time when Jesus ascended into heaven.   Easter occurred, this year, 4th April being Resurrection Sunday which is three days after the death of Jesus on the cross. Historically these events occurred at the same time as the Jewish Passover when Jerusalem would have been packed with people from the surrounding countryside. About fifty days later the Jewish feast of Pentecost – the Festival of the Wheat Harvest – is celebrated and this was when Jesus left his friends and disciples, after having met with them in sundry appearances as proof of his bodily resurrection. At Bethany He ascended to the Father.

In that letter I asked you to reflect on the great questions that Easter-time presents to us. Questions like the meaning of the Cross, the infinite Love of God toward us, and of forgiveness and salvation.   You may remember that Jesus told his disciples and friends to go to Galilee and also later, Jerusalem, and await him there. They also needed time to ponder on the meaning of what had happened. I trust that you did do so as it would have been valuable as part of our Church’s, and indeed your own, ‘’Preparation for Growth’’.

This year Pentecost, or our Whitsun, occurred on 23rd May. Whit Sunday is the time when we remember that Jesus sent his Spirit as our comforter, friend and strengthener as he said he would. The Holy Spirit emboldened his followers to carry forth the Gospel, the Good News, that He is alive and that he will support us as we ‘’go forth and tell’’.

This is our June News and these events of Death on the Cross; Resurrection on the third day; wait and reflect; and the arrival of His spirit after the Ascension are all behind us now, the time has come ‘’to live the life in Him’’ and ’’go tell’’. Can you sense the presence of the Spirit in your heart, and the beginnings of being ‘’in Christ’’? I wish you every blessing on your Christian path through life.

The Gospel account in Acts shows us how much His Holy Spirit did empower those who believed.  It is the same today in that we are told to ‘’believe that Jesus was and is the only Son of God’’. We believe that God loves us so much that he sent His Son to save us and to enjoy life for eternity with Him. His Spirit will empower you to live for Him and to tell others why you believe, why you come to church to worship and praise Him, and why you trust in him for all.

Toward the end of his life John the Apostle wrote several letters of encouragement and guidance to the churches of Asia Minor, and beyond, and his witness is valuable to us as well in our instruction. Read from one of his letters and then say ‘’amen’’ that’s what I believe!

I invite you to turn to the first letter of John, which is at the back of your Bible, find chapter 5 and read from verses 1 to 15. It reads best in a modern version like the Good News Translation rather than the ‘’churchy English’’ of the King James (AV) version. Can you say ‘’I believe that too’’, I believe that you can and if so then you are ready, in the strength of his Holy Spirit, to tell others about your belief and trust in the Lord..

This month I have headed this article with the first line of a ‘one-verse’ song that I like immensely. I believe it to be true and that it is our mission in Potters Bar. I write it out below in full.

For I’m building a people of power

For I’m building a people of power

And I’m making a people of praise

That will move through this land by My Spirit

And will glorify My precious name.


Build your church, Lord. Make us strong, Lord.

Join our hearts, Lord, through Your Son

Make us one, Lord in Your Body

In the Kingdom of Your Son

The song’s author is a Dave Richards who was born post WW2, so it has a modern, lively and lovely tune. It is inspired by the letter written by the Apostle Paul to the church at Ephesus, where he tells the church that they are also part of Gods’ plan for mankind. God’s plan started with Abraham and his descendants the Jewish people, then  Moses who became their leader and then Jesus completed it to include us, we are called ‘’the Gentiles’’ being the people born outside of the Jewish race.

Here is another short read! Turn to Ephesians chapter 2 and verse 19 to the end to find out the background .and the Assurance that Paul gives us about Salvation and eternity.

I wish you post Whitsun blessings in His Spirit

Geoffrey Peterson

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  1. Mairianna 19/02/2019 at 11:26 pm Reply

    Really great to hear from you Nick. Wishing you all the best for 2019 and may your recovery continue.

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