Tuesday Friendship Phoenix Group

We have re-started our programme of events – see below – social distancing and mask wearing are currently still preferred where practical.

7th December Wreath Making

Another well attended and enjoyable session. Some were quick on the draw with the glue guns!

A big thanks to Eddie and Steph from Majestic Flowers.

19th October – Rod Chilcot talks about Pathfinders.

The back story to this is that a dear friend of Rod’s was the navigator in a Wellington bomber which flew as ‘Pathfinder’ to guide the other bombers to the targets they had been assigned. He never spoke much about his experiences (like many WW 2 veterans), but it sparked an interest and after his friend died Rod has used multiple sources, including his friends family – now living in America – to provide more background about the wartime life of a Pathfinder.

Another source was Rod’s father – shown below – who was also for a time RAF aircrew as a radio technician (and so missed his birth).

A fascinating evening well illustrated. And Rod also provided the music before and after his talk.

Phoenix Flower Arranging Tutorial – Wednesday 17th August

A very well attended and enjoyable session. I counted 18 Ladies and their flower arrangements. All looked highly professional. A big thanks to Eddie and Steph from Majestic Flowers.

My two attendees were well satisfied!

Tuesday 11th March 19.30
– Jean Morse tells the History of the Potters Bar Theatre Company

Even Jean had no explanation of why she was apparently one-legged!

Our second on evening on 10th December took a moment to get started – sorting computer problems, but Barbara Corfe then took us through her passion for family history and showed us the “paper trail” she had found going back in time through three generations starting with her Granny.

Fascinating stuff – with an extra reward!

Computer says no?
Just keep talking Tony
Barbara in full flow
A reward for paying close attention?
Well done Barbara!
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