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Recital on 4th January – Findlay MacAlpine

Here is a photo of Findlay MacAlpine in full flow during his excellent programme of popular music  which charmed a very appreciative audience, judging by the smiles and foot tapping!


biography dec 2018 – findlay macalpine

City Chamber Choir Christmas Concert – 4th December

The City Chamber Choir, led by our Director of Music, Stephen Jones, both entertained us and involved us in an inspiring start to the Christmas Season.

A varied, but Christmas themed programme brought us choral pieces, readings, an organ solo, and of course the Christmas carols – where we were encouraged to join in.


Our vocal efforts were redoubled as the evening went on – and after a glass of wine – but sadly nobody was asked to audition for a place in the CCC.

If you would like to sample some of the pieces from the concert, please click on the triangle below.

The RSPCA remodels the Post Box outside our Church

We were delighted by the very thoughtful choice of a nativity scene to decorate the Post Box just opposite our church. We wish them every success in their fund-raising.



Lunchtime Concert on 9th November – Alla Kravchuk and Simon Townley.


At our lunchtime concert on 9th November Alla Kravchuk, with accompanist Simon Townley, sang for us Schumann’s ‘Frauenliebe und Leben’ song cycle, which puts into song the poetry of Adelbert von Chamisso.

I think we were all pretty well “blown away” by the performance.

Alla followed this up (as encore) with Schumann’s ‘Widmung’ and finished the performance off with “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square”

We were enchanted by the singing, the accompaniment and by Alla and Simon themselves.

We so much hope they will come to us again.

Alla and Simon have allowed me to post a videoclip of ‘Widmung’ as a “taster” – or a wonderful reminder, if you were there!


Music In My Life – Richard Osborn – 18th October

In another very enjoyable musical evening, Richard Osborn told us about the role music played his life as part of our regular “Music In My Life” series. Richard is one of our regular worship leaders for Sunday services when Nick is in Brookmans Park.

20181018205926 (2)

Most of the pieces of music he chose were vocal recordings, but he did do one short live piece – Elmer’s Tune – with which he had won an award whilst at school.

Click on the triangle and enjoy?

Lunchtime Concert, 5th October

Our Director of Music, Stephen Jones, was the artist (and the hero of the hour – stepping in a short notice) for our Lunchtime concert on Friday.

If you missed it and would like to view a couple of the pieces played, please click on the arrow below.

Church Quiz Night 29th September

A very enjoyable evening, with a new Quizmaster – Steve England.

We raised over £230 for church funds and our raffle raised £122.


A knotty problem?


I know the answer!


A vote of thanks to the Quizmaster and the organisers.


One very happy organiser – it’s nearly over and a great success.


A little thankyou for Steve England

Anna Le Hair – Lunchtime concert on 7th September at 12.30

Well those who missed it will have foregone a rare treat. Anna took our “new” Yamaha Grand through its paces with a varied selection of classical music. We were a select group so could hear the clarity of tone and watch those fingers flying over the keyboard from close up!

We all went on to our Charity Lunch feeling uplifted!


If you’d like to hear Anna play Chopin’s Ballade No.4 op. 52 click below (it may take a little time to load, but the wait is worth it!)

And afterwards LUNCH!


Grub is up!


And it was!

Tuesday Friendship Tea Party  – 7th August

Exactly 10 minutes before the planned start we had the first drops of rain we had seen for quite some time. This caused a flurry of bringing in cushions, whilst the “stalwarts” stayed put – either with or without umbrellas. Then the sun returned and some umbrellas were redeployed as sunshades. Others moved to get into the shade.

Janet O’Connor had been baking furiously and Albert Waite made and served tea to all. We were very well looked after!

Cutting the cakes was devolved to a select few. They had various explanations for the quantities of cake on their plates (taking out for others) to be received with some scepticism?  In any event there was plenty for all and very tasty too!


Take Cover!


Sun is out!


Frank amongst the roses.


Nicely shaded




Church Secretary has a lean and hungry look?

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