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This page brings together news about our programme of lunchtime music recitals and evening concerts.

We were pleased to welcome Alan Dorn back to kick off our Autumn series of Lunchtime Recitals, now moved to Wednesdays.

Alan’s programme and a video of his recital are on our Latest News page.

Our next Lunchtime recital is on the 4th November at 12.30 with Michael Broadway and his Pianola.

His programme is as follows:

Album de Mai Op. 10                                                   Ignacy Paderewski
Scherzino  & Barcarolle                                                1860 – 1941

Andante & Rondo from Violin Concerto Op.64    Felix Mendelssohn
Transcribed   by  Henry Baumer                                 1809-1847

4th Nocturne Op. 36                                                      Gabriel Faure
                               1845 – 1924

                        Leopold Godowsky 150th Anniversary

Tango Op.165   No.2 
                                                    Isaac Albeniz
Concert Transcription                                                  1860 – 1909

Rondino (on a Theme by Beethoven)                        Fritz Kreisler
Concert Transcription                                                  1875 – 1962

Valse-Idyll  Op.14  No.3                                                Leopold Godowsky
Original composition                                                    1870 – 1938

Perpetuum Mobile (Rondo – Sonata Op.24)           Carl Maria von Weber
Concert Transcription                                                   1786 – 1826

Chanson Boheme from Bizet’s Carmen                    Maurice Moszkows
Concert Transcription                                                  1854 – 1925

Michael Broadway has made a study of Pianola performance for over thirty years, and has played at the Purcell Room, the Barbican, St Paul’s Cathedral, Guildford Cathedral,  St John’s Smith Square and  Symphony Hall Birmingham, as well as broadcasting on Radio 3, Radio 4 and BBC1. Concerts abroad include Rome, Prague, Budapest, and in Venice for La Biennale di Venezia.

For the recital he is playing his Orchestrelle Company ‘Push-Up’ Pianola of 1914, coupled to the church’s piano. Many would think this no different from listening to a CD; simply switch it on and it plays. Reproducing pianos such as the Duo-Art or the Ampico certainly do this, as they are operated by an electric motor, but the music rolls for those instruments have been recorded by a pianist, and therefore contain all dynamic and tempo changes encoded into the paper music roll.

Here we have something different. The rolls being played today were made as direct transcriptions of the musical score, note for note on to graph paper in a mathematical and mechanical way, and require the intervention of a player to coax a musical performance from the bare notes. If the roll were simply set going, all that would result would be an  a tempo rendition played at the same volume throughout, and the use of the pedals and levers on the instrument assist the player in avoiding this. Thus it is possible to explore the entire dynamic range of the piano being played, as well as subtle nuances of  tempo rubato.

The performance, as with all live music, will be unique; in the hands (and feet) of another player, the same music could sound completely different.

Gina Kruger winds up the 2020 Season on 2nd December

Programme details to follow.

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