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 12th August

One view on today’s Sermon (12th August)

The reading was John 6 v 35 & 41-51.

Nick told us that John stands out from the other Gospel writers in emphasising again and again the importance of Christ as a route to an understanding of God. God is unchanging, but if you want to understand him you have to look in the Bible at Jesus and to understand Jesus you have to look at God.

A bit circuitous (or Catch 22 like?), but there you go. Nick says you start from wherever you are.

John is also clear that to try to find your own way to God is a waste of time.

John also stands out in emphasising that for those with faith and belief, Eternal Life starts now – no waiting for the end of time.

And so to the church in society.

In the sixties when our church was built, the church was contiguous with local society sharing its values (for good or ill). Going to church on a Sunday was an integral part of weekly life.

Today, the church is isolated from society, alien and regarded with suspicion. Going to church on a Sunday is seen as an eccentricity. We see our children (and grandchildren) drift away. Nick was reminded, meeting old friends from his youth, that his vocation as a minister of the church is seen by them as wildly eccentric!

So, what of us?

Faith and belief brings its reward for which we witness in our lives. God endures and the church will endure.

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